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TEL: +607-550 0186

Avio Digital
6, Jalan Kempas Utama 3/1,
Taman Kempas Utama,
81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Business Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Welcome to Avio Digital

Avio Digital is a office appliance and security system supplier company. Our main office is located in Taman Kempas Utama, Johor Bahru (JB), Johor.

We supply products such as alarm, cable, rack, cctv security, door access, intercom system, etc. Contact us now for more details. Our professional salesperson will answer your questions and recommend the product that meets your needs.


Security Burglar Alarm PIR Motion Detector Sensor 11m x 11m ; 110' Viewing Angle Free Bracket 469 PA

Bluguard Security Burglar Wired Alarm Feedback Sensor Output Latch / Pulse BLU-HA07-CS

Bluguard Security Burglar Wired Alarm Wireless 2 Gang Switch for Smart Home Automation 12V DC 4 Wire 30mA BLU-HA08-2GSW

Bluguard Security Burglar Wired Alarm Wireless Smart Home Automation Receiver Module 433MHz BLU-HA08-SB

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AVIO AGT AGT-04 Autogate Gate Swing / Folding Arm

AVIO OAE OAE-333A Autogate Gate Swing / Folding Arm

AVIO EAGLE EAGLE-01 Autogate Gate Swing / Folding Arm

AVIO AGT AGT-04 PACKAGE Autogate Gate Swing And Folding Arm

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UK 3 Pin 13A 250V 3 Way Multi Plug Switch Socket Adaptor Adapter with Fuse White 940N

Belden USA Cat6 UTP Cable 305M 305 Meter Box Full Solid Copper 23AWG 17KG Diameter 6.1mm PVC Jacket

Universal International Multi Adapter Adaptor Socket 3 Pin UK Plug Type Travel Converter UKMP01

Meanwell Mean Well Taiwan Original CCTV 12V DC 29A Centralized Switching Power Supply CCTV use LRS-350-12

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24V DC POE Injector Power Adaptor Adapter UK Plug Type Suitable for Access Point CCTV and Others Device POE24A

Dahua 5MP 5 Megapixel HD Starlight Mic Audio Motorized Varifocal IP67 Outdoor Bullet CCTV Security Camera HFW2501TU-Z-A

Dahua 5MP 5 Megapixel HD Starlight Mic Microphone IP67 Outdoor Turret Dome Analog CCTV Security Camera 3.6mm HDW2501TQ-A

Dahua 2MP 2 Megapixel HD 24Hour Full Color Motorized Varifocal Mic IP67 Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera HFW1239TU-Z-A-LED

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ZKTeco Weatherproof Metal Case Outdoor Keypad Password RFID EM ID Door Access Controller MK-V

Dahua Standalone Fingerprint RFID ID EM Card Door Access Controller ASI1212F-D

Dahua Standalone Fingerprint MIFare MF IC Card Door Access Controller ASI1212F

Dahua Waterproof Fingerprint Mifare MF IC Card Standalone Door Access Terminal ASI1202M

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Seagate 10TB SKYHAWK Surveillance CCTV Hard Disk HDD Drive 3.5" 3.5 inch SATA 10000GB ST10000VE001

Seagate 8TB SKYHAWK Surveillance CCTV Hard Disk HDD Drive 3.5" 3.5 inch SATA 8000GB ST8000VX004

Seagate 6TB SKYHAWK Surveillance CCTV Hard Disk HDD Drive 3.5" 3.5 inch SATA 6000GB ST6000VX001

Seagate 4TB SKYHAWK Surveillance CCTV Hard Disk HDD Drive 3.5" 3.5 inch SATA 4000GB ST4000VX000

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KDK PANASONIC Original Ceiling Fan Rod 8" 8 Inch for Replace Shorter or Extend use FR8

KDK KB-404 404 Table Fan 16" 16 inch 3 Speed

KDK KB-304 304 Table Fan 12" 12 inch 3 Speed

KDK KQ409 409 WALL FAN 16" 16 inch 5 SPEED

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DAHUA 48V DC 1,25A Power Adapter for VTH Video Intercom ADS-65LSI-52-1

Dahua 2 Wire Switch IP Video Intercom System Supports Connectimg to 20 Indoor Monitor and 2 Door Station VTNS2003B-2

Dahua Desktop Mount Bracket for VTH Indoor Monitor DIP Angle: 45' VTM123

Dahua 2-wire IP Indoor Monitor 7" TFT Touch Screen Micro SD Supported VTH5422HW

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CAL-LAB Callab Cal Lab 230V 2A Lightning Surge Isolator Protector for Power Outlet 3 Core Screw Terminal MD-SC3C(2A)

CAL-LAB Callab Cal Lab Lightning Surge Isolator Protector For POE UTP LAN Network 8 Pin RJ45 100Base POE-1236(48V)

CAL-LAB Callab Cal Lab Lightning Surge Isolator Protector for 12V DC 2A and RS485 for Door Access Control MD-4Ccu(12V2A)

MKfour 200 Pair Telephone Distribution Metal Box with Key Lock 420W x 390H x 115D MK-4200 MK4200

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NB North Bayou Original 32" - 55" 32 40 43 50 55 inch Fixed TV Monitor Flat Panel Display Wall Mount Bracket NBD2-F D2-F

NB North Bayou Original Monitor TV Display 40 to 65 43 50 55 60 inch Wall Mount Bracket NBC3-F NBC3F C3-F C3F

NB North Bayou Original 27 to 45 inch Monitor TV Single Arm Wall Mount Bracket F425

Dahua 43" 43inch 43 inch Full HD LCD Monitor w Speakers HDMI VGA D-SUB 15Pin USB Audio 16:9 LM43-F200

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NEC Standard SIP Terminal License ( 1 Port ) IP-EXT-01

NEC SIP Trunk License ( 1 port ) IP-TRUNK-01

NEC Additional VOIP Resource License for SL2100 PABX ( 16CH per License ) IP-CHANNEL-16

NEC Hotel PMS API License up to 64 rooms for Hotel Management PMS-LIC

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Merlaud Huayin 50 Watt Mixing Amplifier AMP HY-M50

Merlaud Huayin 120 Watt Mixing Amplifier with Tuner / USB Disk YAS120

NB North Bayou Original Projector Celling Mount Bracket Kit Tilt:+/- 15' Swivel +/- 7' Adjustable 390mm-605mm NBT817-60

Merlaud Huayin Aesthetic Compact & Efficient Cabinet Wall Speaker with Transformer and BASS-Reflex 2 Way Speaker EA20/8

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Solid 6 Gang 19" 19 inch Server Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit PDU Extension unit UK Type 3 Pin PDU-6GUK

Server Rack Sliding Drawer Tray Thick Heavy Duty for Keyboard 800mm Depth SLT500

Server Rack Ventilation Fan for Equipment Rack 12cm x 12cm DC 12V RVF002

DAHUA 1U Cantilever Equipment Server Rack Tray for Recorder PFH101

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