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Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

TEL: +607-550 0186

Avio Digital
6, Jalan Kempas Utama 3/1,
Taman Kempas Utama,
81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Business Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

NEC Accessories

IP-EXT-01 Standard SIP Terminal License

IP-TRUNK-01 SIP Trunk License

IP-CHANNEL-16 IP Additional VOIP Resource License

PMS-LIC Hotel PMS API License (up to 64 rooms)

RM 138.00Add to CartRM 69.00Add to CartRM 322.00Add to CartRM 805.00Add to Cart

HOTEL-LIC Hotel/Motel Feature License

NEC IP7WW-CPU-C1 SL2100 Main Processor Board W Main Software

NEC D503DOR-A Doorphone Unit

NEC AT-55 Multifunctional Caller ID Phone ith Speakerphone

RM 575.00Add to CartRM 518.00Add to CartRM 144.00Add to CartRM 138.00Add to Cart

NEC IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 BUS board for Expansion Chassis

NEC IP7WW-EXIFB-C1 System Expansion BUS daughter board

NEC IP7WW-4KSU-C1 Main/Expansion Chassis comes with Power supply

ITX-1615-1W Small Business SIP Desktop Phone

RM 345.00Add to CartRM 886.00Add to CartRM 748.00Add to CartRM 201.00Add to Cart

NEC IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 VOIP Gateway Daughter Board

NEC IP7WW-008U-C1 8 port Hyrid Extension Card SL2100

NEC IP7WW-308U-A1 3 Port Analogue CO & 8 Port Hyrid Extension Card SL2100

NEC IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 8key IP DESI-Less Multiline Terminal for SL2100

RM 943.00Add to CartRM 518.00Add to CartRM 633.00Add to CartRM 575.00Add to Cart

NEC IP7WW-24TXH-A1 24 Key Multiline Phone Terminal for SL2100

NEC IP7WW-12TXH-A1 12 Key Multiline Phone Terminal for SL2100

NEC AT-40-W Single Line Telephone White

KX-BATCAS Backup Battery Metal Casing for NEC / Panasonic PABX

RM 253.00Add to CartRM 230.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to CartRM 49.00Add to Cart

NEC AT-40-B Single Line Telephone Black

NEC IP7WW-60D DSS-A1 NEC 60 - key Hybrid DSS Console Black

RM 45.00Add to CartRM 518.00Add to Cart  

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